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If you can't see what you're looking for online, please fill in the enquiry form, or mail our territory sales engineers directly. We’re open and working 24 hours a day for email enquiries. Or you can give us a call during weekdays on +44 (0)1691 770303 to speak with one of our global team. Email 24/7 for the fastest response. We aim to respond immediately!

Italy & Europe Enquiries - EU Warehouse:

Radia Srl - Italy Office: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 65/A, 10040 Piobesi Torinese TO, Italy
Contact: Francesco Patitucci - email: eu-enquiries@gsfslides.com

UK/Global Enquiries - Global Warehouse:

Sliding Systems - Head Office, Manufacturing & Global Distribution: Gledrid Industrial Park, Wrexham, UK, LL14 5DG.
email: info@gsfslides.com

USA/Canada Enquiries:

Sliding Systems - UK office/USA time zone
Fast technical response - 24/7
Email: info@slidingsystems.us
USA & Canada Distributor:
General Devices Inc
1410 S. Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239 USA
Contact: Marc McClure
email: marcmcclure@generaldevices.com
Tel: (317) 437-2775
Contact: Alicia Carpenter
email: aliciacarpenter@generaldevices.com
Tel: (317) 715 5364

Mexico/South America/Spanish Language Enquiries:

Sliding Systems - Mexico office/Mexico timezone.
Contact: Eisler Oviedo - email: eisler@gsfslides.com

Germany & Europe/Scandinavia Enquiries:

Sliding Systems - German Office: Sliding Systems Deutschland, 65549 Limburg, Germany
Contact: Gabi Harst - email: gabi@gsfslides.com

Turkey & Middle East Enquiries:

Sliding Systems - Istanbul Office
Contact: Baris Haldenbilen - email: baris@gsfslides.com

Far East & South Asia Enquiries - Taiwan Warehouse:

Sliding Systems Asia - Far East Office: 6F, No.59, Guanqian Rd, Zhongzheng Dist, Taipei City 10047, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fast technical response - 24/7
Contact: Eddie Huang tel: +886-2-2382-0222 / mob: +886-937-024-126 / f: +886 2 2382 0752 email: eddie@gsfslides.com

Japan Distributor:

Takachiho Koheki Co Ltd, YOTSUYA TOWER, 7th Floor, Yotsuya, Shinjuku,Tokyo, 160-0004
Contact: Mr. Nishizawa & Ms. Kato tel: +81 3 3355 6691 email: tk-mechanical@takachiho-kk.co.jp

Korean Agent:

Seolim Automation Co Ltd, 302Ho, Giim Bldg, 228 Gurojoongang-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2635-0902 email: sales@seolim-auto.com

Australia & New Zealand Enquiries:

Sliding Systems - UK office/Australasia timezone.
Contact: Colleen Roberts - email: info@gsfslides.com

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