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Saibo: Hardened Steel Chromed Shaft g6 Ø 5-40mm


Saibo Precision Hardened & Chromed Steel Shafts

Induction hardened and precision-ground shafts for linear motion applications. All shafts are manufactured to extremely close tolerances for surface finish, roundness, hardness and straightness to provide long service life with reduced maintenance.

Shafts are made from high quality carbon steel 45C and induction hardened to HRC 60-62. Heat treatment on specialized equipment assures uniformity of hardness. The minimum depth of hardness is carefully controlled. Shafts are precision-ground to the extremely close diameter tolerance of g6 as a standard and beyond where necessary.

Diametral accuracy is an important factor when using ball bushing bearings. It assures dependable diametral fit-up when minimum clearance is required. Standard chamfer on shaft diameters is 1.0mm x 45º if required. Other chamfers can be supplied upon request. Customer specific machining requirements are available against OEM volumes.

Stocked in lengths from 500mm to 2000mm across a full range of diameters. For volume OEM discounts, please consult our sales dept.

We have a range of PTFE linear bushes that are designed to work with our g6 Hardened Steel Shafts. For more information on the bushes or for purchase please click HERE

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