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Saibo: PTFE Linear Shaft Bushes Ø 20-50mm


Saibo PTFE Linear Bushes

The Saibo self-lubrication PTFE linear bushes have excellent load capacity, resistance to high and low temperature (-240°C to +260°C) and are resistant to vibration. Their low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating design make them an ideal linear solution for a wide range of industries and applications, such as medical and pharmaceutical equipment, food and packaging equipment, fitness machines, etc

The self-lubricate characteristics of the Saibo PTFE linear bushes, make them an ideal linear solution in applications and environments where additional application of lubrication is not possible or acceptable. However, if conditions permit, additional lubrication can reduce friction, by up to 30%. Which can extend the PTFE Bushes life considerably.
The recommended lubrication is a Petroleum base oil or grease

When designing a linear system using PTFE bushes, the Pressure Velocity (PV) factor is a key parameter to consider. PV can define the frictional performance between system’s pressure and velocity. PTFE’s mixture has an intrinsically limiting PV rating, while the system running under certain conditions. Put simply, the more load applied to system, the slower it must move to avoid exceeding the PV limit. The reverse is also true, more speed, less available load capacity.
Overloading and exceeding the Max speed will cause frictional heat and accelerated wear.

Linear bushes come in either closed flange or square flange options with diameters of 20mm to 50mm.

Saibo Linear Bushes are designed to be used with our g6 Hardened Steel Shafts

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