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Tilting Drawers For Fire Trucks - Tip Downs < 90kg

Sliding Systems’ award winning Slide & Tilt system sets the standard for flexible and modular slide out and tip down drawers used in fire and rescue vehicles and other similar applications. Where a high reach drawer is difficult to access, this system can tip down towards the user.

Our tip down drawer system utilises low-weight high-strength plastics to create a robust front bracket to support a pull out and tip down stowage drawer.  The front bracket has an integral block wedge and locking socket which hold the drawer firmly in position when closed. The rear of the tip down drawer is mounted on a slider with an integral pivot plate. This slider and pivot plate is in turn mounted inside an aluminium rail.  The rail end stops are robustly designed in milled aluminium with front mounted die springs for shock absorption.  The rail can be mounted at varying angles to achieve the vehicle engineer’s desired slide and tilt motion.

The system is designed to offer flexibility and modularity, with the front bracket and supporting pivot plate being standard components.  These components are available in different colours.  The vehicle engineer is able to specify different rail lengths according to compartment depth. Whilst the system is generally strong enough to handle a 90KG drawer load, Health and Safety legislation and safe working practices in relation to lifting loads will generally restrict operating loads to 35Kgs per person. For volume OEM discounts, please consult our sales dept. Datasheets are available for download on our main site www.gsfslides.com

Sold per complete set of RH & LH components, fully assembled with rails drilled ready for use


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