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Thomas Regout Quality Drawer Slide Range: Steel <300kg


The full range of Thomas Regout rolled steel telescopic slides are now available from Sliding Systems. Innovation and Quality are assured with competitive pricing and rapid delivery. Smooth, sequentially extending slides to 300kg load capacity from a trusted global volume manufacturer. As a world first, we can now offer the heaviest duty rolled steel slide designed for demanding applications such as emergency and special vehicle stowage systems. Scroll down for our full range of stocked products.

Thomas Regout has a PPM (Parts Per Million) average quality rate well below 100 which stands out as one of the most efficient manufacturing processes in the industry. Plating is bright zinc chromate as standard, with an optional black passivation.Designation: NEN – EN 12329-Fe/Zn5/F/T2. Layer thickness: Average 5µm. Corrosion resistance: Minimum 120 hours neutral salt spray (ISO-9227/ ASTM- B 117) before zinc corrosion (white) occurs.

Load ratings are tested to 100,000 cycles. There is specific test data available for lifespans of 10,000 cycles, where the loadings may be substantially increased. Please consult our sales engineers for further information. For volume OEM discounts, please consult our sales dept.

Datasheets are available for download on our main site www.gsfslides.com  

Thomas Regout slides are sold per pair, except for the TR7619 which is sold individually. We now have all types and lengths in stock, aiming to ship within 24 hours. However, stock is fast moving and constantly fluctuating, please contact our sales dept if a next day shipment has to be guaranteed. Large volume orders are generally shipped within 7-10 days, so please contact us prior to order placement.

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