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Fulterer Steel Roller Bearing Side & Bottom Mount < 200kg

Fulter Slides

Steel Roller Bearing Slides use a variety of rollers of different sizes and materials, fixed in position and unable to migrate. Rollers are either solid Nylon or Delrin®, Delrin® encased roller bearings and steel or stainless steel roller bearings running in specially formed profiles. They are smooth and quiet in operation with unique features controlling the beams as they travel. There are two types of roller slides:

Partial Extension: In this case the drawer cannot be completely extended; part of it remains in the carcass. Partially extending drawer runners are a low-cost, economical solution. We also offer these simple or partially extending drawer slides as a made-to-measure option, giving you a lead  over the competition thanks to high productivity. We can produce partially extending drawer runners with various methods of fitting and attachment, to meet your  particular requirements.

Product features:

  • Dynamic load capacity range from 30 – 100 kg
  • Lengths ranging from 300 – 1,500 mm
  • Powder coated or galvanised surface

Full Extension with differential action: With this type of drawer slide the drawer can be fully extended, with over-extension even beyond the front edge of the carcass. Differential drawer slides are the easiest running among the fully extendable drawer runners. When the drawer is opened these slides provide a supporting function, so that the maxi-mum load capacity remains the same over the full length of the drawer extension.

Product features:

  • High dynamic load capacity range from 30 – 200 kg
  • Lengths ranging from 200 – 1,000 mm
  • Powder coated or galvanised surface

Self Closing: Many of our products are equipped with self-closing or self-retracting features (spring mechanism). The effect of both versions is that the drawer closes of its own accord in the last part of the closing process, and does not bounce back. Details can be found within each product’s datasheet.

ECD retraction damping system: It‘s the small things that make life easier. With a retraction damping system drawers close gently and quietly of their own accord, whether full or empty. Fulterer drawer slide systems can also be retrofitted with an Easy Close Device at any time.

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