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ALRS Aluminium Linear Rail System

The Aluminium Rail System is a versatile, cost effective means for linear movement on loads to 80kg. Suitable for manual machine guards, doors and seating where precision is not required. The carriers are designed to work freely and without pre-load, so any misalignment in the fabrication is accommodated.

Cut to length, up to  2400mm and supplied undrilled from stock. However, any length and drilling pattern can also be supplied from production. Rails can be continuously joined to reach any desired travel.

Carriers consist of a steel plate fitted with two 32mm decentred bearings coated with Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic (POM). This provides excellent dimensional stability with low noise and minimal rail wear. Loading is 80kg on the direct axis and 60 kg flat per carrier.

Carriers can also be supplied in 3 and 5 bearing options along with a complete door mount bracket. This is a 495mm long bracket with two bearings designed to move an entire door along the rail. Supplied from stock.

Optional end stops 40.0070.Stop can be fitted. These are milled aluminium and are fully adjustable to offer a buffered stop to the carrier. Please advise with order.

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