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BalanceBox® Manual Height Adjustable Screen Mounts

BalanceBox® is a manually operated system based on patented spring tension technology. A safe and reliable mounting solution which gives the user ultimate comfort. Together with the complete range of accessories, there is a tailored solution waiting for you.

BalanceBox® is a range of manually operated height adjustable mounts based on patented spring tension technology. The vertical balancing is achieved by applying tension to the internal springs until the weight of the display is suspended at the desired position. With the load being borne by the springs, users can then alter the position of the display with minimal exertion – or as the phrase goes, with a touch of a finger.

With no requirement for a wired connection, the BalanceBox® is unique, fast, and user-friendly. UL listed and EC certified (ISO 60950), the BalanceBox® manual mounts meet rigorous safety standards to ensure users can operate them with full assurance and comfort.

Together with the wall mount, mobile stand and other accessories, users have access to the total solution for interactive displays. Select one of the BalanceBox® products below:

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