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Radial Goliath Slide 5299 (50kg) Aluminium – Multiple Extension


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Radial telescopic slides are sold as singles, so order two units if a pair is required

The 5299 Radial Goliath Slide is a heavy duty extreme extension telescopic slide (50Kg/pair). Designed for the sliding and transfer of supported loads in the bespoke furniture market, this slide allows for multiple leaf tables to be infinitely extended.

Aluminium Radial Slides utilise a unique crossed roller bearing system which makes full length contact within the ball race and eradicates bearing indentation (brinelling) and migration. This is a very rugged slide and, due to the unique roller design, outperforms similar ball bearing based products.

Goliath slides are totally flexible in design to accommodate all required extensions. By battening and securing slides together we can add beams to meet the customer’s specific extension, thus small batch projects are easily achievable.>

Cross roller bearings are best suited to applications where offset loads and point contact stresses cause significant indentation and bearing migration in the ball race and subsequent slide failure. However, due to the rigidity of the slides, there is no play within the beams and this allows for deflection free extension. The Goliath slides are not load supporting and need to be fitted within the confines of table supports, however they are ideal for side load resistance and stability when fitted.

The 5299 Radial Slide is manufactured from 6005a aluminium with the bearing races milled for tolerance. The finish is self-colour anodization, however there are various options. The bearings are hardened steel and chromed rods.

Please allow 5-6 weeks for the manufacture of Goliath slides. Please contact the sales office for up to date pricing, the displayed price will alter depending on closed length and extension requirements. info@gsfslides.com


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