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Extension Front & Rear (50,70 & 100% travel)

The DTSB range offers total extension front and rear. This is made possible by an internal rocker device which releases each beam in sequence. Ideal for thru-truck drawers or train battery boxes where access from either side may be limited. The beams are controlled and will never open out of sequence. We do not recommend our DTSB slides for high speed/accuracy robotic pick and place or warehouse shuttles. Speed of operation <0.3m/s.

TSRT slides are designed for static mounting within cabinets, which require access from both sides: Shop/pharmacy displays, electronic racking and thru-wall dispensing drawers. We do not recommend fitting TSRT on any vehicular motion application, where shock and vibration can displace the beams, migrating freely out of position. DTSB slides are more suited in this function.

The OWST range offers partial extension front and rear. Ideal for mid mounted, large fire truck drawers, where access may be limited at the emergency scene. There is no loss of load with the bi-directional option.

Standard Professional Range steel slides are RoHS & REACH certified to withstand over 1,000 hours corrosion protection, until the appearance of red rust. This is due to the investment made in our own state of the art electrolytic alkaline zinc processing facility. Core steel C45 E+C, with a layer depth of 10-12 microns conforming to DIN EN ISO 9227 neutral salt spray testing. No white rust appearance within 120 hours. No red rust within 1,032 hours.

Request stainless steel 316L ball bearings to maximise this protection. Beyond this, we have an interchangeable range of all stainless steel 316L slides. Standard ball bearings are chrome plated steel with an option to upgrade to stainless steel 316L. This suits applications such as train battery boxes where solid section stainless steel slides are beyond budget.


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